Le mans World X30 Champs

Posted by callum Category: News

Well this was the first time i had been to the X30 worlds and was looking forward to it. We wasnt looking for anything big but was looking to see how my pace was in the practices. Qualified 14th overall, that put me 6th and 5th for my heats. In my heats i had a 4th, 2nd, 2nd and a 1st. That put me 2nd for the pre final. I had an okay pre final which i finished 3rd. Well for the final i started 3rd and had a bit of a bad start to it but it was a long race, half way through the race 2nd and 3rd was battling and the leader was starting to get away. I caught the two infront of me and overtook them but by then the leader was to far away so i settled for 2nd which i was ecstatic about.